Brand new children’s book: The Buggies In Bella’s Belly
Teaching Children Why Gut Health Matters — 
So They're Empowered To Make Healthy Choices On Their Own
So They're Excited To Be Healthy And Strong
So They're Excited To Eat Healthy And Help Their Body's "Good Buggies"
So They're Excited To Eat Healthy Without Throwing Tantrums Or Feeling Deprived
This book helped me share with my kids what gut health is about and why it's so important to eat healthy foods. 

I really loved the drawings, and the story held their attention!

— Michelle, mom of 5
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What is The Buggies In Bella’s Belly?
Education + FUN! 
For parents who want their kids to eat healthier, without resorting to nagging, cajoling, bribing or fighting!

This isn’t just another “bossy book” that tells kids how they have to eat… 

This isn’t a boring nutrition lecture that goes in one ear and out the other… 

And this DEFINITELY isn’t a silly nonsense book that your kids will ignore! 

The Buggies In Bella’s Belly is your easy solution to explaining gut health and the importance of eating healthy foods and a balanced diet — in kid-friendly language. 

Why gut health?
You’ve probably heard that gut health = brain health. 

Every day, more researchers, doctors, and parents just like you learn about the importance of good gut health. 

Our microbiome (the “buggies” or bacteria in our digestive system) controls nearly every aspect of our body…

  • Focus and mental clarity— Our gut is known as our “second brain” and communicates with our actual brain. Poor gut health can lead to fogginess and inability to concentrate.
  • Emotional— Do you notice your child’s mood fluctuating a lot? When our gut is compromised, it sends signals to our brain and in turn affects mood.
  • Digestive— from stomach aches, to constipation and diarrhea, when the gut is inflamed from bad bacteria it can lead to difficulty digesting and breaking down food.
  • ​Skin— skin irritations and rashes, including eczema, can be a leading symptom of an imbalance in gut bacteria. 
  • ​Sleep— The gut is in charge of releasing melatonin and serotonin the hormones which promote a restful night’s sleep. If your gut is compromised, it affects the hormones that regulate sleep and wakefulness.
… these are all just the tip of the iceberg… 

The real problem underlying all of these symptoms is an unbalanced, unhealthy gut microbiome.  

While most of us know how important this is to our overall health… 

Explaining to your children why they should make healthy choices and why they need probiotics can be a MAJOR struggle! 

The REAL reason it's so hard is actually biological — when you have unbalanced gut flora or candida, your body is LITERALLY creating a craving for more of what sustains those “bad buggies” — your body is tricked into wanting junk because of the unhealthy gut flora!  

The Buggies In Bella’s Belly gives parents like you a way to engage your children with a simple, story-based book they can read and understand… 

So they WANT to be on board with eating better and creating a healthy microbiome!  
I’m here to help you get your child excited about gut health!
Let’s face it — you’ve probably tried to get your kids on the health train before… 
  • Arguing with your child at the grandparents’ house about how many treats they can have… 
  • Packing a healthy lunch for school (only to have the whole thing come back uneaten)… 
  • Trying to cajole and bribe them to actually swallow their probiotic instead of spit it out… 
  • ​Feeling like a short order cook having to make a separate dinner for your "picky eater" each night...
I know just how this feels!
Let me tell you my story...

Hi, I'm Alana, and I have been in your shoes— 
When my daughter started complaining of tummy aches and becoming pickier and pickier with the foods she would eat … I didn’t know what to think. 

At first, it seemed like something that probably wasn’t a big deal.

As a mom, though, I still worried... and worse, I felt like I couldn't do anything about something that is so common!
Then I realized there were other issues… 

... How she always seemed so irritated and cranky,
... The apparent yeast infections that never healed,  
... Her bad breath (even with excellent brushing habits!)

After many months of studying, and going to multiple doctors and health professionals, I was exhausted — and I still didn’t have any of the answers I needed to help her! 

Finally, after seeing a new holistic nutrition specialist, I found out the truth about gut health. 

While I’d always known it was important… 

I didn’t realize how our microbiome affects our whole body — and how common it is to have a compromised gut! 
With the reliance on antibiotics (especially for pregnant women and young children!) and the processed foods we normally eat, it’s almost guaranteed that your children will have poor gut flora. 

In order to solve this, they need to make healthy choices — and that seems impossible! 

How can you get them to want to eat balanced meals full of real foods?

As a licensed speech therapist and mom, I knew that if children are shown something in kid-friendly language, and engaged and interested, they can get on board with things they wouldn’t normally be excited about… 
So I created The Buggies In Bella’s Belly for my daughter. 

She loved it so much, and it really helped her understand the microbiome and why she needs the “good buggies” — and she couldn't wait to help her new good buggy friends win the battle against the bad guys. 

She did it! Then she asked me if every kid knows the truth about the good buggies...
So we decided to share it with some friends. After seeing how quickly the book helped this message click for these kids, we decided to share it with everyone!

The good buggies were on a journey, to share the message with kids everywhere how important gut health is... so all kids can help their own good buggies win!  

Now, this story is here for you… so you can help your child have better gut health! 
Now, “The Buggies In Bella’s Belly” book normally costs $19.95 on Amazon ...

Because I know you're passionate about your child's health, I want to offer this book here for a limited time for FREE — just cover the printing and postage costs ... only $6.95!
I want your child to have a happy gut :)
The Buggies In Bella’s Belly  is perfect for kids to get them interested in their own health.

Moms and dads have seen this book help their child get on board with eating healthier, choosing more balanced meals and saying “no” to the endless sugar-filled and processed snacks and treats… 
 I can’t wait to see what your child can achieve with a clear understanding of how the “buggies” impact their bodies! 

As a mom, I know that your family’s health is a top priority, and that’s why I’m offering The Buggies In Bella’s Belly to you for FREE! (just pay shipping and handling) 

Now you can take this first step to helping your kids have a happier gut (and happier health!) today.
 I can’t wait to see what your child can achieve with a clear understanding of how the “buggies” impact their bodies! 

As a mom, I know that your family’s health is a top priority, and that’s why I’m offering The Buggies In Bella’s Belly to you for FREE. 

Now you can take this first step to helping your kids have a happier gut (and happier health!) today.
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